Galleria At White Plains - Hair Dresser in Galleria Mall / White Plains Ruined My Hair!!

Bridgeport, Connecticut 3 comments
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The hair dresser in Galleria Mall in White Plains ruined my hair beyond repair!!

My hair turned pitch black and flaky after a dye job for dark BLONDE!!

The hair dresser kept yelling at me while I was crying out of shock!!

I cannot tell you how terrifying it is!

I want to warn everyone - please reconsider your decision! Not only are these people really bad at what they do, they are disrespectful!!

The receptionist and the hair dresser were very hostile! I think this was one of the worst hair salons that ever exists on this planet!!

I cannot believe how terrible these people are!

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Bridgeport, Connecticut, United States #681840

I should have researched this salon as well.No wonder the stylist was rude, it because their manager or maybe owner Paul is an *** and has no regard for customers.

I had a pixie cut which was okay, but after leaving I and arriving home, realized the hair "stylist" forgot to clean up the back. I literally had strands of hair that were over an inch long. Asking for a clean up became an"investigation" as to why I hadn't' called, why I waited a week...

Clearly what I thought would be a quick in an out with the nape of my neck cleaned up, turned into a frustrating, ridiculous need to get upset.Teaching moment for my son: it's important to go to college, so your not miserable with a low paying job!


Warning, for the people ever thinking about getting their hair done by the Hair Stylists at the white plains galleria.They will ruin your hair.

There the worst hair stylists ever. I went there to get my hair colored darker because i had highlights.

They must have used some kind of cheap hair color because after my hair was done it felt awful,like super fried straw!!!!!.Now i have to use products to reverse the damaged they have caused don't ever go there you will be sorry.


The Hair Stylists and the Owner of this place stinks big time.They don't have a clue of what there doing.

They just about ruened my hair beyound belief. The owner is a fony and a fake. He's not friendly at all.

Everything that was talked about and donde was like a big secret.I'll never ever go there again they are the worst ever.

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